1. Where Darkness Dwells – Debut Album

    Compact Disc (CD)

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  2. Scimitar Homotherium Skull


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  3. Scimitar Baseball Cap


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  4. 'Sacred Wolf Attack' Baseball Shirt


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  5. Scimitar Logo Patch

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  6. Scimitar Logo Shirt


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  7. Plague Doctor T-Shirt


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Scimitar Belfast, UK

Scimitar are a Thrash Metal band from Belfast, N. Ireland formed in 2011. The band wrote music for around a year, before performing their live debut in June 2012 in The Warzone Centre. Since then our fans' reaction and support has been overwhelming; we received an amazing response from the local Belfast Metal scene and shared our music with local and touring bands in the UK and Ireland. ... more

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